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Spread the cost of your treatment with our unique payment plan. We offer a bespoke service tailored to your needs, and you can spread the cost of your treatments with 0% interest and no credit checks required.

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Extra Small Area - Upper Lip, Nipples, Ear Lobes, Between Brows, Fingers, Toes. 30€ Per Session

Small Area - Upper lip & Chin, Cheek Bones, Side Burns, Jawline, Neck, Stomach Line, Bikini, (outside underwear line)

40€ Per Session

Medium Area - Full Face, Under Arms, Lower Arms, Buttocks, Bikini - Brazilian - Hollywood. 60€ Per Session

Large Area - Upper Legs, Lower Legs, Chest, Stomach, Back, Shoulders. 80€ Per Session

Full Body - Ready to take the plunge and be totally hair-free .Then why not choose our ultimate Full Body Laser Hair removal package. From 1250€

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At PUREWELLNESS we offer fast and comfortable treatments treating an extensive range of hair and skin types with long-lasting results and no downtime.

Here at PUREWELLNESS MEDISPA, we offer laser hair removal using EPILASEICE PLATINUM, a breakthrough in hair removal, with cooling technology to offer virtually pain-free treatments, targeting the three different depths of the skin and hair, leaving our clients with a thorough treatment and excellent results they want to achieve.

Laser Hair Removal is the most convenient and effective way to remove unwanted hair without the pain, price tag and inconvenient up-keep. You can enjoy life without the constant worrying and be ready at a moment's notice. The process of laser hair removal involves the application of a concentrated beam of light into the hair follicle, which disables the hair's ability to grow without damaging the surrounding skin.

Many methods are used to remove hair, such as shaving, waxing, threading, plucking and electrolysis, all very time consuming and can result in scarring the skin and offer only short term and quick results. 

Laser hair removal removes unwanted hair from the face and body and is one of the most effective ways to reduce hair permanently. That means no more painful waxing treatments, messy hair removal creams, or last-minute shaving when you want to look your best


PURESKIN Advanced Skin Treatments

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On all Laser Hair Removal Courses, paid upfront in full.

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